Summary Plan Description (SPD)

The SPD summarizes the key provisions of the Plan and includes important information about your benefits from the Plan.

Summary of Material Modifications (SMM)

The SPD is updated from time-to-time and includes additional information and changes to the Plan in the form of an SMM.

Summary Annual Report

The Summary Annual Report provides insurance and basic financial information regarding the Plan and informs you of your rights to additional information.

Annual Fee Disclosure

This required annual disclosure provides information regarding the Plan’s fees and investments.


Change of Address Form

Complete this form to change or correct your mailing address and return it to the Fund Office.

Change of Name Form

Complete this form to change or correct your name and return it to the Fund Office.

Beneficiary Designation Form

To designate a beneficiary for your death benefit, you must fill out this form and return it to the Fund Office.


Participating employers make contributions to the plan for each hour of ironwork in Local 512’s jurisdiction. The amount is determined under an agreement with Local 512.

The employer contributions made for you go into the plan’s trust fund for investment purposes. They are recorded in a separate account called your “Employer Contribution Account.”

Your Employer Contribution Account in the plan opens with the amount that was contributed for your first 160 hours of ironwork. All subsequent contributions made for you are added to your Employer Contribution Account.
You are not required or permitted to make salary reduction contributions to the Plan. You can, however, make rollover contributions from another qualified plan. Please contact the Fund Office for more information.
To change your investment allocation you will need to contact John Hancock, the Fund Recordkeeper, either by phone or online.

You are eligible for payment of your Accounts upon:

  • Normal Retirement. Age 65 or, if later, 60 months after the first contributions were made for you.
  • Early Retirement. Age 55 and receipt of an early retirement pension under the Twin City Iron Workers Pension Plan.
  • Disability. Receipt of a Social Security disability award or a disability pension under the Twin City Iron Workers Pension Plan.
  • Termination of Ironwork. After 12 consecutive months without any ironwork for a participating employer.

For further information, please refer to your Summary Plan Description or contact the Fund Office.

To apply for a withdrawal, you will need to complete a Distribution Application. Please contact the Fund Office to receive an application.
Please contact John Hancock to inquire about loans from your account.
The Plan does not allow financial hardship distributions.
The payment you receive from the Plan will be subject to mandatory withholding of 20% for federal income taxes. You can avoid mandatory withholding only if you arrange to have your benefit transferred directly to an IRA or an eligible retirement plan.
In order to change your mailing address, you must complete a Change of Address Form. You may print and complete the form, or you may contact the Fund Office and a form will be mailed to you.
If you have any questions about your eligibility, benefits or claims, contact the Fund Office at (952) 854-0795 or (800) 535-6373. If you have any questions about Union membership or related matters, contact Local 512 at (651) 489-1488.


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